• Register for the regatta, choose your sailboat – Salona 46 & you will compete for the Slovak Champion of 2024

    The Slovak Sailing Challenge regatta has been appointed the International Championship of the Slovak Republic for sports crews sailing Salona 46 sailboats.

    You can enter the championship and compete within the Salona 46 fleet or compete in the First 45 fleet in Slovak Sailing Challenge and be part of the championship event.

    The Notice of Race (International Slovak Championship 2024 in Salona 46 fleet & Slovak Sailing Challenge 2024 regatta for First 45 fleet) will be published in English by the end of February.

    The regatta entries are opening from February 14, 2024, and you can find all the information about the regatta and the championship here on the website.

  • Opening Entries

    We have great news for you!

    We invite you to be part of an exciting international competition in nautical sailing! Show your mastery of technique and tactics on the Salona 46 & First 45 keelboats.

    Get your sailing skills ready, call your crew & be part of this extraordinary event. Who will win the first year of the Slovak Sailing Challenge? That will be in the hands of each team!

    Join us on the waves of competition and paint your path to victory. Don’t forget to book your place in the history of Slovak sailing.

    Registrations are now open – get ready for an unforgettable sailing experience!

    Entries for the Slovak Sailing Challenge will open from February 14 at 12:00!

  • Slovak regatta open for international competition

    Welcome to the new regatta webpage for those who crave to compete in an international fleet of full-batten keelboats supplied by the organizer, with one-design equipment & comparable sailing abilities.

    Fot the past thirty years there have been Slovak regattas also on the see, mainly in the Adriatic. Organizers have offered various formats and levels of difficulty in competition to Slovak sailing community and their regatta participants. We are expanding the scope for those who want to have a more sportive sailing time & compete with the maximum use of sailboats with full-batten sails and suitable racing fore sails (gennaker or spinnaker). We have prepared an event for crews and skippers who want to learn and compare their skills in sailing, tactics and navigation.

  • Let your brand sail – become a sponsor

    Make your brand visible to hundreds of spectators – regatta participants and visitors in marinas, TV viewers and followers on social networks.

    We will help you choose a crew that you can support in their competition and gaining sailing experience through participation in the regatta.

    You can support even a specific crew e.g. financially and the organizer will provide you with an agreement with the skipper from the form of visibility. Or you can also support a crew in a non-financial way to make it easier and more comfortable for the team to race, thanks to your support.

    You can support young crews and skippers, women at helm or sports experts on board to gain experience in nautical sailing and competition and help build up Slovak sailing community with your support and brand.